May, 2005

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Tapestry I made.

Asahi's Koinobori

Our first grandson Asahi, born in June last year, has got his Koinobori for his first Boy's Day.
We are going to celebrate Asahi's Boy's Day on May 5.

I would like you to join the happy occasion on this web page.

I wrote about Asahi last year when he was born. So you will see here how he has grown. Please enjoy seeing him.

His first day in a park.
Scared and almost crying.
(6 months)
His first Christmas day.
Reindeer Asahi !
(6 months)
His first book.
This book is specially made for him.
The story is about a boy named Asahi
and his friends.
(6 months)
Big smile !
Tiny little teeth !
Asahi and his friend Pooh
Beginning to turn over.
His Arrows ( New year gift for a new-born boy)
Beginning to crawl
Asahi loves computer, especially lines !
(7 months)
His first trial at a Sushi-shop
(8 months)
He had his first hair-cut.
Looks like a big boy.
His cut hair is made into a brush.
It is a prayer for his intellectual growth
(9 months)
Standing up at last !
Proudly and manly.
Old Samurai's Armor
For a new born boy, it is a tradition
to buy a toy helmet
wishing he will become a strong Samurai.
For our grandson, we decorated a true armor
which has slept in our warehouse
for a long time.
It is about 300 years old.

I am scared to see it at night.
I hope Asahi won't.
This is the Samurai set which Asahi's grandfather
gave to Asahi's Dad Masayasu 32 years ago.
Asahi's Koinobori
Koi is a carp.
Nobori means to ascend.
It is believed that a carp can ascend a water fall.
So, wishing the boy will rise in the world,
Japanese people hang up Kois high in the sky.
If you see a brand new set of Koinobori,
you will know that
there is a new born boy in the house.
Congratulations !

Thank you very much for your kind thought to my grandson Asahi.
I send my best wishes to your grandchildren too.

Thank you very much for visiting this page.
I hope you will return next month.
Yours, Harumi Okochi

Proprietress of Ryokan Yoyokaku

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