Asahi Okochi
Born on 23 June, 2004

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August, 2004

We have a grandson !

Our bewaited grandson was born on the 23rd of June, 2004.
The father is our adopted son, Masayasu Okochi, and the mother is Naho Okochi.
They have been married for five years, and waited for long for the stork to carry them a baby.

When the baby was born, I was in a hospital with my broken leg, and could not go to see the baby soon.
On 25th of July, we visited them to celebrate the baby's "Miya-mairi".
Miya-mairi means to go to a shrine on the 31st day of a boy's birth (32nd of a girl's birth) to have God's blessing and purification on the baby, praying for his/her lifetime health and happiness.
It was an extraordinary hot day. The baby, in his traditional silk kimono, and I, on a wheel-chair, somehow survived the heat.

I will show you some pictures. Please share our happy feeling.

This card tells:
Naho Okochi has a boy
At 7:14 pm. on the 23rd of June, In the 16th year of Heisei.
Baby's bust: 50.8cm
Weight: 3430 gm.
The baby appeared himself into this world with one eye open!
Naho's mother, Misae Hayashi, takes care of the baby and the new mother.
Naho and Asahi.
A week after birth.
July 7th is the Star Festival (Tanabata).
Naho's father Akitoshi Hayashi is letting Asahi see his first Tanabata bamboo decorations of coloful papers with the words of praying for his happiness and health.
Left: Naho
Right: Masayasu

Which parent do you think Asahi looks like more?
5 years ago Masayasu married Naho.
This photo was taken after the wedding reception.
Den, Naho, Masayasu, Harumi from left to right.
In Bangkok on their honey-moon journey.
At the entrance of Yoyokaku.
On the day we celebrated Yoyokaku's 110th anniversary.
Just 1 year before they became parents.
On 25 July, 2004, we went to the Atago Shrine for Asahi's 'Miya-mairi'

I am on a wheel-chair, holding the baby.
Sanae Nagai, the real mother of our adopted son, showing the traditional Kimono for the baby to wear on his Miya-mairi. This kimono will be kept for his lifetime, and will be succeeded to the next generation. Can you see the embroidery of a Samurai's helmet and some treasures, wishing for the power and wealth for the boy?
Three grandfathers.
Left: Baby's grandfather, Den Okochi, Harumi's husband.
Center: Naho's father, Akitoshi Hayashi
Right: Masayasu's father, Masaomi Nagai, Den's brother
Den is holding the baby for the first time.
Baby looked at his Granddad, but didn't cry.
Good boy!
Proud father and mother with baby.
Happy grandparents with baby.
Asahi is their first grandchild.
Baby likes the music of the merry-go-round above his bed.
When he opens his both eyes, you will see how handsome he is!
If you sing him a lullaby, he will smile like this.
Look at his big hand, too.

Thank you very much for meeting our grandson Asahi Okochi.
I will let you see him once in a while as he grows up.

Thank you very much for visiting this page.
I hope you will return next month.
Yours, Harumi Okochi

Proprietress of Ryokan Yoyokaku

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