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The Kingston Trio in Karatsu
October, 1969
 America on my mind #2
Den's trip to America 50 years ago

This article is continued from the May edition of this page. May edition

San Antonio & Corpus Cristi in July 1968.
New Orleans - Houston - San Antonio
Stayed there for 10 days.
I saw "Hemisphere '68 Exhibition", and could see Bob Dylan's concert.
Copus Christi, 210 kilometers south of San Antonio, was so impressive with its white sand beach.

SanAntonio & NuevoLaredo in July 1968.
To the border. NuevoLaredo is 230km south to San Antonio. My friend drove me there. English language was not available there. I bought 30 pieces of Mexican ponchos (75cent a piece). They used horses for traffic.
Saw various kinds of cactus flowers along the highways.

Scottsdale in August 1968.
I rode a sight-seeing bus at Phoenix.
I don't remember well which buildings were Frank Lloyd Wright's works.
From Flagstaff to Grand Canyon on August 6,1968
I used a sight-seeing bus with lunch. I had to save money, and this was an exceptional treat to myself.
   Moonlight on the Colorado

Moonlight on the river Colorado
How I wish that I were there with you
As I sit and find each lonely, lonely shadow
Takes me back to days that we once knew

We were to wed in harvest time you said
That's why I'm longing for you
When it's moonlight on the Colorado
I wonder if you're waiting for me too
LasVegas in August 1968.
I arrived late at LasVegas. Taxi drivers were on strike, so I had to take bus to the hotel.
There I happened to meet a famous Kabuki actor Nakamura Utaemon the 6th.
He was going to stay with a person who was my highschool alumni. What a small world!
Mr. Utaemon invited me to go to casino together, which I politely declined. The reason you will guess.
Los Angeles in August 1968
I stayed in LA for 10 days. But I don't remember who it was that took me to Hollywood, Beverly Hills. and Anaheim. Sorry, friend!
In Griffith Park, I think, I dared not use the public toilet because there were no walls nor doors.

Los Angels in August 1968
Took Greyhound for San Diego. Dropped in New Port Beach and Laguna Beach. Enjoyed the joyous atmosphere of the West Coast.
San Diego in August 1968.
San Diego is a big Navy base town. On the day when Dr. Monroe, who had been stationed at Sasebo, came home in San Diego, I visited him. In 1967, he came to Karatsu every week to teach English to young JC members in Karatsu. I owe him much for my way of thinking. He influenced me so deeply. We enjoyed barbecue.

The last day of my trip to USA in 1968.
Took Greyhound from San Diego back to LosAngels. Stayed there for a few more days, and flied to San Francisco. I enjoyed my last day in the mainland in Sausalito. Bob Shane (Kingston Trio) offered me his helicopter flight to the airport. Took many pictures from above.
At that time, the flight from San Francisco to Tokyo stopped at Honolulu.
I stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Shoen (Bob's parents) in Waikiki.
It was just the hundredth day from my departure.
My journey of 5 dollars a day was really a gorgeous one. Say, a million dollars trip!
Thank you for the hospitality of all the friends who welcomed me.
I want to pay it back to our guests who visit us from foreign countries.

Many thanks to Bob Shane,
The late Mr. and Mrs Arthur and Margaret Shoen

Thank you friends for reading this memory trip of Den Okochi.
Travelling from man to man is the most rewarding, fruitful journey.
We will try to be good friends to the guests who choose Yoyokaku for their rest.

We will see you next month.

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