May, 2018

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Where have all the flowers gone,
long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone,
long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls have picked them everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

The Kingston Trio 1965
America on my mind  #1
Den's trip in America 50 years ago
Hello, friends.
Den Okochi, my husband, who is 84 years old now, recently wrote on his facebook about his trip around USA in 1968.
It was before we got married. He went there alone and travelled for 100 days.
Please go back to 50 years ago with Den Okochi.

 America On my Mind          by Den Okochi

I think you know The Kingston Trio. They were most active in 1960-70's They were the top runners of 'Folk-song' in the world. Maybe you remember "Tom Dooley", "Where have all the flowers gone" and "500 Miles".
Bob Shane of the Trio I have long known. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shoen were the repeating guests of Yoyokaku.
My purpose of trip to US was to visit my friends here and there in this large country.
My first destination was Bob Shane, and my last, his parents.
Bob is now in Phoenix. He is one month older than I .His parents are long gone.
The photos below are taken when I visited the Trio's restaurant "Triden" in Sausalito, California in 1968.
Now, I will go around America on my mind, and I hope you will enjoy coming with me.
Photos are very old, and some are not in good condition. Please understand.
I will skip some places because some of the pictures are missing.
In May 1968, I left Haneda Airport for USA by Pan American.
At that time, generally common people were limited to 500 dollars when we went overseas. 1 dollar was 360JPY at that time. So only 180,000JPY I had in my pocket for 100 days' travel. 5 dollars a day! Can I survive?
At Honolulu international Airport Mr.and Mrs.Shoen (the parents of Bob Shane of Kingston Trio)were waiting for me.
June 5, 1968
To the Main Land.
We drove Rocky Mountain National Park for full three days.
Loveland Pass is a high mountain pass in the western US at an elevation of 11988 feet.
Everything was new to me.
1968 June
The strong impression of Chicago was the beautiful place with beautiful young ladies.
A friend in Lexington, Ky sent me to Fort Knox by his private plane. The building in the picture of a poodle and me is the Fort Knox Gold depository, included the scene of James Bond movie 007 Goldfinger.

1968 July
I am very lucky to have met real New Yorkers. They showed me round Manhattan explaining about various kinds of constructions, from New York and American Exchange buildings at the bottom of the island till the Croister above the Central Park. The sunset on the Hudson River was so impressive.
At many places in Boston, there were many things to do with Paul Revere. I didn’t know he was a famous Patriot who had warned of approaching British soldiers.
I was specially shown the wooden dentures made by him. Why wooden? I was surprised, since he was a silversmith.
I stayed at Boston for a week including Independence Day.
Almost every day I enjoyed boating the Charles River with host family.

Annapolis in 1968. 
I have many friends who went to this Naval Academy.
I met them when they were stationed at Sasebo US Navy Base, which is near from Karatsu.

Williamsburg in July 1968

Charleston, South Carolina. July1968
Fort Sumter
Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta. July 1968
Thank you very much for the Southern Hospitality while I was in Atlanta and Milledgeville.

Mosspoint, Mississippi. July 1968

Thank you for your company.
Too many photos at one time, so this is continued to next month.
We hope you will come back.

Harumi Okochi
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