Cherry blossoms were in full bloom
on the day when
Asahi entered the kindergarten.

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May, 2008


On April 12, our grandson Asahi entered the kindergarten. His Mom had just delivered of a new baby boy, so Grandma went to the ceremony with Asahi and Dad.
I hope you will see his photos and send him cheers.

Waiting for the school-bus.
Dad Masayasu, Asahi, and Grandma Harumi
Why is my bus so late?
Does it really come?
It is coming now !
Here it is!
On the side of the bus, Asahi's favorite
festival floats are painted.
A sweet teacher helps Asahi to get on the bus.
At the gate, there was a welcome arch.
Before entering the room, Asahi conquered every gym.
I like this slide! Here I go!
The name of the class is The Violets.
14 boys and 10 girls.
A tiny little chair.
During the ceremony, Asahi sat on Grandma's knees.
A big brother should sit on the chair by himself, Asahi.
Teacher gave each child a welcome gift.
Mom and the new baby.
The baby was named Akira, and he was 3320g.
Welcome Akira, to the Okochis.
Thank you for meeting my grandsons.
The happy grandmother sends you best wishes.
See you next month.

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