January, 2007

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Year of Wild boar

HAIKU of new year

I hope this note finds you well and happy at the beginning of 2007.
What kind of year will it be?
Will the world be safer?

In Asia, it is the year of wild boar.
In old times, a reckless, foolhardy samurai was called 'wild boar'. A wild boar runs forward and never retreats.
But, I think, this world should stop going forward now and think everything over again, and if it seems necessary, we should retreat.

Praying for a peaceful year, I will translate some beautiful new year Haikus.
Haiku writing, or thinking is a kind of prayer, I suggest. When you make a Haiku, you will think about the motif and select the words carefully, and then line the words in a good rhythm. To complete a short Haiku, you have to use much time thinking this way or that, murmuring, chanting the words. So if you put in the Haiku your prayer for something, I hope, God will hear you.
Try, please.

Hatsu Fuji no ooki karikeru migiwa kana

Standing at the beach
Look up at Mt. Fuji
Greater than ever
On this new year's day.

Ko to Yome to Mago to hima naku toso no za ni

New year morning ceremony
Toso is poured
Son, his wife, and child
Sitting close to each other

Hinomoto no oi utukusiki kiso hajime

Japanese aged couple
First kimono wearing
In new year
What a grace

Hatsu yume ni furusato wo mite namida kana

The first dream in new year
My birthplace

Futokoro ni kachi goma no ari aze wo tobu

Champion top in the pocket
Jumping home
Over ricefield passage

Toshi dama wo mago ni moraite odorokeri

To my surprise and joy
Grandchild whom I thought
to be still a child
gave me Toshidama this year.

*Toshidama is a new year gift money which usually given from the elder to small children.

Hatsubasho ya kami mada nobinu kachi zumo

The first Sumo games in new year
Young wrestler won
His hair not yet long
Enough for Sumo style

Ane imoto hatsu kannon e te wo musubu

Two sisters
Hand in hand
Going to the Kannon temple
For the first prayer of the year

Did you make your own new year Haiku?
Let me hear you.

Thank you, and see you next month.

Thank you very much for visiting this page.
I hope you will return next month.
Yours, Harumi Okochi

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