July, 2003 

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Meeting of KVG

Welcome to Karatsu !

We are Karatsu Volunteer Guides.

Hello, friends!
Sun-shine is back on the beautiful sea of Karatsu.
When tourists visit Karatsu, we are ready to guide them.
We are good-will guides, speaking languages, and are willing to show you around.

Our languages may not be perfect, but we are eager to help.

When you plan to visit Karatsu, don't forget to contact us.
Our group has been acting for 15 years now.

Here are some of our members.
Enjoy meeting us!

Members of KVG

    Moto Sakamoto
English teacher
President of KVG
Language: English
Eager to help others
Staff of Education for Life
Staff of Philippine Bataan Scholarship Program
Tetsuo Yahata
Spent some years in Russia as war prisoner
Language: Russian and Chinese
Helps World Sailboats Festival in Nagasaki
Suzue Kojima
Helps her husband's company of building staff
Language: English
Curious and eager to learn about the world
Masatoshi Mawatari
Transportation Company President
Language: Portuguese, English
His wife Kuniko speaks Spanish
Aki Shindou
Back from Morocco
Language: English
Masayuki Shinozaki
Stationery Shop Owner
Language: Korean
Most friendly to Korean people
Masako Tanakamaru
Language: English
Makes people around her happy
Yoshiteru Egashira
Baby and Kids Wear Shop Owner
Language: Korean
Loves sail-boat and sea
Akiko Ichimaru
Back from USA
Language: English
Joined KVG to keep her English
Hideki Hamada
School Teacher
Back from Thailand
Language: English
Tadashi Takeshita
Retired Captain (Self Defense Navy)
Language: English
Shinji Yoshida
Secretary of KVG
Chamber of Commerce Staff
Hirofumi Koga
Poet, Professional Translator
Language: Korean
Sumiko Nihira (Left)
Treasurer of KVG
Retired Kindergarten Supervisor
Mother of all the members

Keiko Sakamoto (Right)
English Teacher
Wife of Moto Sakamoto
Harumi Okochi
Vice-President of KVG
Proprietress of Yoyokaku
Language: English and Witch Language

In many cities and towns in Japan, there are groups of this kind of good-will guides.
It might help you in some way if you travel in Japan. Ask JNTO or the city office to find them.
It is very nice, we believe, if you have friends in the country. You can enjoy more and see more than by just riding on a sightseeing bus.

As for myself,( Harumi Okochi), I cover English speaking people, and Wizards and Witches of any country.


Thank you very much for visiting this page.
I hope you will return next month.
Yours, Harumi Okochi

Proprietress of Ryokan Yoyokaku

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