#3    June 2000             

Takashi Nakazato is home!

 Takashi Nakazato, the potter, is back home in Karatsu !
He was away for more than five months.  How we missed him, his big laughter, his simple but deep speech and his extravagant jokes! To welcome him home, Den Okochi , the proprietor of Yoyokaku, had a show of his new pottery that he made at the Anderson Ranch Art Center in Colorado.
 These five years, he has been an honored guest at the Art Center.
Takashi loves that place and the people there. He enjoys himself to the utmost, skiing, making pot, and above all, collaborating with the artists from many countries.
 His flexible curiosity makes this big artist with a boy's heart go just freely to everywhere he wants, everywhere he is wanted. At the Anderson Ranch Art Center, he is highly respected, that we could know from some artists Takashi had sent here.

 The show opened on the 12th of May, at the Show-rooms in Yoyokaku, and many friends enjoyed the reunion.
 I was quite busy, arranging flowers in his newly made pots, preparing food and drinks for the party, and also selling and wrapping, and greeting the guests.
 Only two days after the last day of the show, Takashi held the 135th Ryutagama Concert. Ryutagama is the name of his kiln in Karatsu. He is also well-known as a generous patron of baroque music. The musicians come to see Takashi, and they play and entertain Takashi's salon.
After the concert, Takashi treated the guests to a splendid cuisine which he himself cooked. This time, he cooked for 80 people. Takashi is also known as an outstanding cook of very natural food.

He will be home for a little while until the next big wind blows, when he will be away again. You might find him in Copenhagen, or in Denver, or maybe in a small village in Jamaica.

Many books have been written about him and his works, but most of them are in Japanese. So, for your further information about Takashi, I will fully quote "Takashi Nakazato   Free-Style Pottery from the South" which was in English as the explanation in a book of his collective works published by NHK in 1990.
I hope you will enjoy yourself reading this, but it is ten years since it was written, so please be reminded that Takashi has spread his world far wider. If you are a pottery-lover, Karatsu is a must to visit. Moreover, other porcelain towns of Arita and Imari are within easy reach from here. You can also enjoy the different styles between Karatsu and Arita. Remember Karatsu when you plan your next journey.

In Takashi's kiln site, he has a wide variety of trees and flowers. Among them. hydrangea is now telling us "Tsuyu" is here.
Tsuyu! The rainy season! OK, I'm glad. I can see rainbows over our famous Rainbow Pine Forest (Niji-no-Matsubara).
Well then, I wish you a nice Tsuyu and a happy rainbow!
See you next month!

Takashi Nakazato - Free-style Pottery from the South                                                                  
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