#232 New Year, 2024

Past issues of GREETING

2024 Year of Dragon

Akihiko Den Okochi and Harumi Okochi are happy that we can greet you this new year too.
We are safe and living a quiet and slow life.
Akihiko is 90, and Harumi is becoming 80.
Last year, in 2023, COVID is almost over at last, and we enjoyed several domestic short trips,
some reunions with old friends, and many encounters with new friends.
We went concerts, local festivals, and went to see the occasional flowers.

Harumi can not update this "GREETING" page every month as I used to do.
But I believe you had wonderful 2023, and you will have as wonderful a year as the last.

A year of DRAGON!
This imaginary creature is a special existence for Asian people.
It is a symbol of 'King', 'Emperor', or someone who rises in the world.
Dragon is POWER!

We hope you will find something special and powerful in this year of DRAGON.

Thank you for visiting this page.
I hope you will return.

Harumi Okochi
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