#229 Spring, 2021

This page is written
by Harumi Okochi.
This will be updated irregularly.
Sometimes Harumi's friends join.
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Rainbow is a God's gift to Noah
to promise a new world after the Flood.
Photo: double rainbow in Tokyo, March 2021
Spring has come!
Even though the world is dark, covered with Covid19 clouds,
the sun is becoming warmer and brighter, grass and trees more green,
birds singing, flowers blooming.

I am so happy to introduce you Hiroko, as a new writer on my Greeting pages.
Hiroko's story is moving, and makes me feel proud of myself,
because it seems that I played a small part in her touching story.

My eyes are weak now, and cannot do my computer work for a long time.
So, Hiroko made a PDF file for me.
I could finish this page instantly.
Thank you, Hiroko-san!

Now, please click the link below, and enjoy Hiroko's essay.
It will warm your heart too.
In her essay, you will meet David and Ann, who appeared in my pages many times.

Hiroko's essay spring 2021

We enjoy our spring, and David, you enjoy your autumn in Tasmania.
Until the time we can see each other again, please stay safe!

Harumi Okochi
mail to: info@yoyokaku.com