January 2020

This page is written
by Harumi Okochi.
This will be updated irregularly.
Sometimes Harumi's friends join.
We'd be happy if you look at
our previous issues.


A Year of Mouse.

New year greeting

Hello, friends!
One whole year has passed since I wrote on this page last.
It was because of my eyes that I could not update often.
Some friends asked me, "Harumi, are you alive?"
Yes, I am fine except my eyes, knees, ankles, and BRAIN.
The last one is the Problem. I am forgetting everything now.
How sad! but at the same time it might be a blessing!

The year 2019 was a very busy year for my husband and me.
My husband, Den, 85 years old, retired from Yoyokaku last year.
We built a small house at the end of Yoyokaku garden.
This fact made us very busy, which we had never imagined.

The guests of Yoyokaku often come out into the garden, and walk for 10 minutes or so.
It is not a vast garden. From each corner of the garden our new house is clearly seen
Everybody asks himself, "What is that house? It looks quite new. I will go and see.
It might be a coffee shop, or a pottery shop."
Then he approaches, and Den catches him.
"Would you like a cup of tea?"

Everyday, guests visit one after another.
Conversation makes the retired man happy.

We also enjoyed small domestic trips, visiting our old friends whom we had not seen for a long time.
Maybe this is our preparation to say farewell to our friends.

I am not taking many photos these days, because of the same reason, eyes.

This new year, 2020 will be almost same as our 2019.
We will slowly live, finding many small happinesses.
Our new house is warm, flat and safe, convenient, and not too spacious.
It is just a nest.
Den Okochi and Harumi wish you a safe, brilliant, happiest new year!

Thank you and sometimes come back to this page to see if we are still here.

Harumi Okochi
mail to: info@yoyokaku.com