December, 2018

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by Harumi Okochi.
Sometimes Harumi's friends join.
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Our dog Taro looks like real, doesn't he?

Our New House
Hi, friends!
Today I will show you the additional photos of our new house.
We have not yet moved in. Soon, we will go.
Telephone, TV, and some other small things are not yet ready.
Moreover, we have not yet finished to select things which should be moved and which should be thrown away.
Each time I throw away something, next morning I pick it up again!
I can not throw away my memories.
That is the problem.

   Guests are jumping in this house when they found it at the end of the garden of Yoyokaku.
They ask. What is this house for? Is this a cafe? Can we have a cup of coffee?
We say, No it is not a cafe, but please come in and have a cup of Japanese tea.
These ladies are from Korea.
  The entrance of the house. 
   Bed room.
   Washing room and bath.
   Living room.
   Living room .
  Living room has a book shelf. 
   Japanese style room. Not big, Tatami 8 size.
Calligraphy is done by the famous potter Takashi Nakazato, meaning Congratulations.
   Entrance and living room is separated by a sliding door, which is hidden in the wall when unnecessary.
   Small bedroom for me.
   Stones were found from the land at the construction. Maybe many many years ago, when new construction was done here, they were buried because at that time they were not necessary.
We love stones. So we made a bench in the garden. Hard and cold though.
   My favorite small writing bureau.
   The new gate from the back side of the garden.
   We hang this Korean gong on our garden-tool storage place.
   Hand rail was put for me to step down at the entrance,
   A small Mexican statue like Moai is welcoming you.
   Also Jeju Island stone men are watching you at the approach.
   My very small kitchen in the new house. I don't cook here, because our kitchen is in the main house.
Here, only drinks are served for the guests.
   Our new house was named 'San-yu-kyo' by Mr Ryusuke Sato who is a writer.
San Yu means three friends, and they were, snow, moon and flower.
These three friends are the nature itself, and from now on, we will live our quiet life with these friends.
The last character Kyo means a place to live in.
   Tiny little step-stone is a gift from the stone mason for my aching knees.
Now I can easily go up.
   Mr. and Mrs. John Bolsover kindly sent these 'Horse Brasses', which are 120 years old, to decorate our new house.
   We decorated these brasses beside the front door to welcome everyone from the world.
Also Taro the toy dog waits for your visit.
 Thanks to every friend, we are very happy with this new house which is full of care and kindness.
We will live to be 100 years old in this sunny, safe house.
Please visit us.

Now I am in the middle of 70's. I think I will update this page, maybe once in two or three months.
I need to speed down. I will see you again in the new year, probably, and later, I will see you once in a while.
Thank you for your friendship always given to me.
Please have a beautiful winter season.
Harumi Okochi
mail to: info@yoyokaku.com