November, 2018

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Designer Keiji Nagai

Our New House

Our new house is now 90% completed.
A little bit of interior is not yet, like handrails, book-shelves, clothe hanging poles...so on.
TV is not yet, telephone is not yet, but WIFI is already OK.
A small wine cellar is installed, and almost everyday my husband is enjoying meeting some guests with a glass of wine. 
The most important furniture, beds have not yet arrived, so we can not sleep in the new house.
Maybe in the middle of November, we will move in.

So, today, I will show you only the outside pictures.
I hope you like this genuine Japanese house.

   Shadow of the stone lantern on the new gate wall.
 Living room without any furniture yet.  
 Stones are hammered into a soft round shape, not too sharp.  
   Garden designer, Mr. Makii
 Gate wall  
   Gate roof looked up from below
 My husband is watching the procedure of the construction.  
   Mr. Sawabe (left) is a stone-mason.
 Carpenter Osamu  
   Carpenter Manabu
 Air conditioning Mr. Sasaki  
   Mr Shimizu, plasterer
 You see the wooden shutters (Amado) which covers the glass windows at the time of storms.  
   When amado is opened, the house looks like this.
The garden in front is the end of Yoyokaku's garden.
Our private garden over it is not yet planted.
 One small pine tree, one taller camellia tree, one more pine tree over there...
In the due time, new trees will come.
   The main carpenter Mamoru talks with my husband about the details of the house.
 Inside the glass windows, there are shoji screens.
Snow white, and looks very clean. But they are easy to break. I must be careful when I clean the room.
   A light, a chair. a stool
It seems that these items are the owner of the house.
Over the garden, you see one part of Yoyokaku guest rooms.

Maybe later, I will show you more details of the house.
We will retire and will live a quiet life here, looking at the garden of Yoyokaku.
This is not only a retiring home, but it is a greeting room for the guests of Yoyokaku.
We will be very happy if some guests walk around the garden, and at the north end will find this small house, look in, wondering what this house is for, then, my husband will welcome them to a glass of wine.

Please visit us!

See you next month!
Harumi Okochi
mail to: info@yoyokaku.com