September, 2018

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Do you like dolls?
A doll artist, Kiyomi Nakashima

This month, I will introduce you a doll artist who shares her warm love with people who need some comfort.
Kiyomi Nakashima started doll making after trying many kinds of hand craft. She found dolls express her feeling more than any other art.
Her dolls are not 'beautiful' in a small interpretation, but they are really beautiful in a sense that they soothe someone's pain, sorrow, and isolation.
I hope you like her dolls.
Please smile at the dolls. You will see dolls are smiling back.
  Will I be pretty,
Will I be rich?
Will I be happy?

Mom, answer me!
 Is someone coming to play with me?
I need a friend!
  Where are you now, my dear heart?
Come back to me!
I am going to have a date.  
  Mutual love, mutual trust.
Princess Fuse
from the story of
"Nanso Satomi Hakkenden"
(Princess Fuse and 8 loyal dogs)
   This goblin girl is crying because her love is rejected by a human young man.
camellia flowers
made with old silk cloth
   Magical rabbit girl.

She believes she is the most beautiful girl
in the world.
Kabuki actor, the late Nakamura Senjaku
In Kabuki Theater, male actors play the rolls of women.
Oyamas (woman-roll actor) are often
more beautiful than real women
  Happy wedding!
The Last Emperor of China
This photo is from the movie.
A movie actor,
the late Hasegawa Kazuo
He acted in movies in the early stage.
He was the most popular actor then.
I am a boy of a rich family.
I want a bride!

  A rich father mouse wanted a bridegroom for his dear daughter. He decided to find the strongest groom in the world. He went to the Sun but the sun said the cloud is stronger because the cloud can hide the sun. Father went to the cloud, but cloud said the wind is stronger. The wind said a wall is stronger because it stops him. Father went to the wall and found that a mouse is stronger than a wall because he can make a hole in the wall. At last, Father found the strongest bridegroom for his daughter.
A cat which is in trouble.
Money! Money! Where are you?
One of the most popular paintings
of famous artist Takehisa Yumeji
in Meiji and Taisho Era.
 Japanese traditional dog doll.  

  Interview with Kiyomi Nakashima

Why do you make dolls?
I can express myself most when I make dolls.

Who is your teacher of doll making?
I respect Ms. Kiyoko Kojima.

Why do you make your doll 's face funny?
I want to convey warmness and heeling.

What doll do you want to make now?
Matsura Sayohime,
the lady in the legend of Karatsu.

 Kiyomi Nakashima has a shop for women's fashion.
But most of the space is occupied with her dolls now.
Kiyomi is stitching colorful silk threads everyday sitting among her dear dolls.
Her thread has a magic power to make people smile.
Thank you for your smiles!
See you next month!

Harumi Okochi
mail to: info@yoyokaku.com