, 2017

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by Harumi Okochi.
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Haiku on Camellia
  Some people say that the rose is the most beautiful flower of all.
Yes, a rose is a perfect beauty.
Like a young girl...
But, camellia, I feel, is deeper, like an elderly countess.

So, please join me to adore the nobleness of camellia, expressed in Haikus.

   Red camellia,
white camellia,
Falling one after another.
 Yesterday' rain
Camellia drops
when it drops.
in full bloom.
Leaves are not seen.
 White camellia,
Wearing snow,
but apparent.
which is more fatal,
you or a rose?
 To the Light house.
Camellia's passage
hides the sea.
   Camellia of whole mountain.
Ocean sounds
Night sounds.

I thank you always for visiting my small site.
Wishing you a very happy new year.
More than all, I wish you peaceful days.
No war, no bombing, no guns, no killing cars.

Harumi Okochi
mail to: info@yoyokaku.com