August, 2016

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Mr. Moon's hand-made Turtle Ship of Yeosu

Yeosu Revisited

 Hooow! Hot!
Are you all right?
I am almost boiling. And steaming.
The world climate has much changed. I am scared to think what will happen to this important earth.

Well, this month, I will tell you about our recent trip to Yeosu, Korea.
It is a city of sea, and it was more beautiful than ever.
Join me, in my small vacance, and gets some fresh sea breezes.
   The former Mayor of Yeosu city, Korea, Mr. Kim is our good friend.
At his Mayor days, he achieved many wonderful projects.
He is pointing at his name on the monument of the new statue of the great Shogun Lee SunSin who won the battle against Japanese invaders with his Turtle Ship of the Chosun Royal Navy.
It is a history about 400 years ago.
The Yeosu people are still proud of the Shogun and the turtle ship.
   Mr. Kim, in his late 70's look very young.
We are on the cable car, which connects islands of Yeosu Sea. This project was also planned by Mayor Kim, but was finished after he quitted.
Mainly because of this world No. 1 cable cars, Yeosu City is now receiving so many guests from the whole Korea.
   New bridge to islands are made too.
   The port of Yeosu.
In 2012, Yeosu hosted the Expo.
Hotels, restaurants, roads, tunnels,.......
New development was done in a huge scale.
And now Yeosu is the No. 1 place where people want to visit many times.
Good food, good people, beautiful sea, and the cable car!
   New tunnels were made to make the traffic easier.
   Our main purpose of this trip was to attend the memorial ceremony of our good friend , Mr. Moon JeuongIn.
At the night before the ceremony, we were invited to his daughter's house for dinner.
We had a good time after some years.

   Next morning, we attended the ceremony of Mr. Moon's 9th memorial.
Won Buddhism ceremony was beautiful and I was deeply moved with the preaches of the lady priest.
   After the ceremony in Yeosu, we hurried to Iksan, 2and a half hour far by high way, and first we had a lunch all together of Moon family.
   Special cuisine.
   Then we visited Mr. Moon's grave.
   Sharing some Sake with the dead, burning incense, giving flowers.
   The black dress is me, and the white dress is Moon's wife. Next to me, my husband.
Others are the children and the spouses.
   After Iksan, we went to Jeonju and saw the famous village of old Korean style houses.

   The narrow streets are fascinating.
   Late afternoon, we took an express train to Incheon Airport.
To our surprise, the train, of which tickets were so difficult to take, are almost vacant. Strange.
And this was the end of our this time trip.
Early next morning, we flew back to Fukuoka.

Most memorable summer trip it was.

Thank you very much for joining me.
I hope you will visit us again next month.

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