July, 2016

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Yoshiteru and a heron
on the sailboat.

Hello, friends. Do you remember Yoshiteru Egashira, who wrote for me in July last year ? Then he promised me to write again next year too.
He wants to introduce his team-mates.
Please enjoy meeting these three aged but young sailors.

We are a team.
by Yoshiteru Egashira

   Ryuta Tominaga
Born in 1936, age 80
In the cabin of his yacht Misato.
He loves sake as much as sailing.
Even during sailing , he never forgets to drink.
His cheeks are red from a cup of sake.
Experience made him a man of wisdom.
He started sailing at 60. Now he is a courageous sailor, never gives up, never compromises.

 Signing the guest book at a church in Goto Island.  
   His boat Misato.
33feet. Peterson
40years old boat, but her 18 horse power engine rides waves vigorously.
 In Goto Islands, most churches are made with bricks. But this one is made with stone.
Poor people could not buy bricks, so they cut out stones from the seashore and piled them by hand.
  Nozaki Island of Goto 2013 
 Ryuta stands before one of the churches in Goto Islands.  
   Oeiwa Rocks.
Ryuta walked 4 hours to and from this place.
 On top of the rocks, there is a huge flat stone.
I wonder if this is natural? or human hands made this stone stage?
   Deer live on this island, where there is no human inhabitancy.
 He fished two big groupers and looks satisfied......
But I know he bought them from a fisherman of a nearby boat
   At Makurazaki, Kagoshima, we bought tuna.
Makurazaki is famous for tuna. Really tasty.
 Ryuta and I. Before Kikaigashima.
We sailed around Kyushu in 2011.
   kikaigashima is called Iwotou, meaning Sulfur Island.
You will see the smoke from sulfur.
We sailed round Kyushu in 2011.
This is south of Kagoshima.
 Port of Sulfur Island.
We met a yacht from Australia sailed by a husband and wife in their 60's, only two crew. This 'TWEED' was bigger than our boat Misato.
   Front from left, Kajiyama, Maeda, Eguchi
Back Egashira, Matsuo, Morooka, Tominaga
 Sulfur water pained our eyes. Against the Pacific Ocean, we 7 naked Samurais stood and shouted.
I wish I could go there again.
   Kuchinoerabuto is an island, volcanic, exploded in May last year, next to Yakushima.
 Yakushima's famous cedar tree, 2000years old.
Unbelievable nature life!
   This man (front) is Kazunari Matsuura, 63 years old, born in 1954.
He was a city officer.
He quit the city office to join in the volunteer activity after Fukushima's Tsunami calamity.
For three years, he offered all his experience as an engineer of construction.
He is a great drinker.
Sail up, let's drink! Wind comes, let's drink! Wind gone, let's drink!
 Matsuura, left.
On Oro Island, Fukuoka Prefecture.
He is a stout man in body and heart.
We depend much on him.
   Cruise to Busan, Korea, in 2010.
He speaks Korean, and his drinking attitude is somewhat like Korean people., so Korean friends like him much.
 Kuniomi Maeda was born in 1947, now 69 years old.
He was an able staff of the Ministry of Fisheries.
All around Japanese Islands, he went and arrested illegal fishing boats of other countries.
Maeda, left, with the Captain of the Government' watch boat.
He never forgives injustice.
So I am scared of him. I am always out of rule.
   Fukue Island.We saw gigantic jaws of a whale.
How big was this creature when he was reigning the sea?
 A bird jumped in our boat.
This often happens on the sea.
Yacht sails more slowly than other engined vessels.
   Does anybody know the name of the yellow bird?
It was resting on Maeda's shoulder.
 In a tempest, boat sways up and down.
This picture looks horizontal, but it is a 25 degrees' slope.
We sleep in wet raincoat to be ready for emergency.

I am really glad that I could tell you about my important friends.
We are a team forever.
I hope I can see you again when Tominaga is 100years old, and I, 92.
We may be still sailing! I count I can do that if Harumi Okochi, the old god-mother of Yoyokaku, becomes a figure head of our boat.

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