May, 2016

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May Flower

 May flower
         by Emily Dickinson

Pink, small, and punctual,
Aromatic, low,
Covert in April,
Candid in May,

Dear to the moss,
Known by the knoll,
Next to the robin
In every human soul.

Bold little beauty,
Bedecked with thee,
Nature forswears

 This month I would like to introduce Mr. Masamichi Aoki.
He is a painter and teacher whose canvas is white porcelain.
He is from our town Karatsu, and now living in Yokohama, he has classes in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.
In March this year, he and his students had an exhibition at Yoyokaku.
I hope you enjoy meeting Mr. Aoki with his beautiful cups and dishes with flowers and birds.

Flowers were sent.
Many beautiful flowers on the plates too.
   Whose lips drink tea from this gorgeous cup?
How does it taste?
 The language of red rose:
Love, Beauty,
Passion, Romance
  The language of white rose:
I am worthy of you!
 This bird has come to eat the red rose berries, or, to meet the dragonfly?
Blue birds brothers are waiting for their mother?
Why is she so late?
 Water looks trembling under the lotus flower.  
   Oriental designs also decorate the plates.
 Mr. Masamichi Aoki  



How do you like his works?
Masamichi Aoki was selling European porcelains when young.
He was fascinated with the beauty of Meissen style of porcelain, and he studied to become a painter himself.
His studio is in Yokohama, and you can reach him from the E-mail address below:

E-mail: blaubaum.ma@ezweb.ne.jp

I wish you beautiful May days!

Thank you very much for joining me.
I hope you will visit us again next month.

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