November, 2015

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Ms Kangetsu Kusaba,
the master of Tea Flower.

Chabana-Tea Flower
- Gentle, sober flowers from nature-

In September, an exhibition was held in Yoyokaku.
Chabana- two Chinese characters which means Tea and Flower.
This word means usually the method of flower arrangement presented at tea ceremony.
Sometimes, it means the wild flowers themselves that are suitable for tea ceremonies.
These flowers are gentle, sober, and not too gorgeous.
I will show you some photos of the exhibited arrangements. You will see the difference from "Ikebana" arranging.

The name of the flowers, I will not write. Anyway, they do not have English names. Some are similar or same as flowers in foreign countries, but, they are slightly different in size, or color.

Please enjoy the gifts from autumn nature, with some autumn Haikus. Forgive me, please, for my poor translation.

Keito flower, red gets deeper at the time of geese.

Water hurries and flows the moon away.

Hototogisu flower makes my garden smell like mountain.

Sun set behind the mountain
and the color of maple leaves was lost.

Today's Susuki, more glorious than usual in the evening sun.

(In Japan, it is believed that a hare lives on the moon
and it pounds rice cake with this stick on the night of full moon.)

At the alcove of Japanese style room, we decorate some scroll with an incense-burner and a vase of flowers.
The verse on the scroll should express the season.

Kifune-giku, the shape of the shadow of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy.

Deep purple Rindo, mountain sun is still hot on my cheek.

(Bamboo is much used to make flower vases.)

(An unique arrangement)

(The day was the full moon night.
Rice cakes were donated to the God of moon.)

  In winter, camellias and red leaves of various trees are much used, and in Spring there comes new blessings from the God of Spring. Summer time is also decorated with various grasses or tree blossoms.
You might start doing "Flower of Tea" picking one or two small wild flowers from your garden or roadside. I believe here is another world of beauty and peacefulness.

Thank you for joining. I wish you a happy day.

Thank you very much for joining me.
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