December, 2014

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Santa Penguin

Tasmania Calling

Japan is all winter now, but in Tasmania, it is of course high summer. For the people who dislike coldness, I will let you read this story from Tasmania.
Our long friends, Ann and David, originally British subjects, and now living in Tasmania, show their amazing country here on this page. David has written many times for me as for his trips in Japan.
This time he said he will show you Tasmania.
How I wish to go there! In my imagination, helped by these photos, I will fly to Tasmania and enjoy the country with you, readers.
Thank you for your company!

Tasmania Tale by David MacLennan
Please click and see!

How did you like this island?
David and Ann comes to Japan every year from this far land. 
They are like travelling birds flying north to south and back from south to north.
I hope their travel continues ever and ever.

Thank you, David-san.
We will see you again soon in Karatsu.

Thank you very much for joining me.
I hope you will visit us again next month.

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