November, 2014

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Children's paintings from Sarajevo

Cherry for Sarajevo

I hope you remember my friend Toshiko Itoh.
She lives in Tokyo, and is doing a wonderful thing. She always helps people, and her sincerity moves other people to do some projects. One of her projects was to plant cherry trees in Sarajevo where the scars of the war remained much. As for the Cherry for Sarajevo, I wrote in 2006.
This month I will tell you about an exhibition of paintings of Sarajevo children. The exhibition was held in the City Hall of Karatsu for a week, then at Shido Primary School for another week.
Toshiko Itoh made this project come true. We, highschool classmates, helped her to exhibit.
Please look at the paintings by Sarajevo children around 10 years old. The theme of the paintings was "Peace".
We must join in the children's prayer for Peace.
Thank you in advance for your understanding Toshiko's deed.
   A teacher of Taishi Primary School helped us putting the paintings on the wall.
   Explanations about this project were put on the board.
The rainbow and the dove.
   Japanese children are interested in the pictures of the pupils in a far country.

 How can a child of age 10 draw such a picture as this?
 Can you see two doves on the tree?

 This must be a design!
The child who painted this picture will be a great designer.
   There seems to be a deep meaning in this picture.
Is the red thing on the corner a war-fire?
Some one is suffering.
And some one is reaching out.
I wonder what the hands mean.
   Where are they going?
The aim of all the countries of the world is ONE.
   The cherry trees Toshiko planted in Sarajevo are now big trees. They grow rapidly.
   Look at the face of the bird!
I feel like hearing his song.
   It looks like a magic.
Two doves ties the earth with a ribbon of Peace.
   The world is in the ring of friendship.
   I can identify the flags of Japan, Italy, Denmark and Bosnia&Herzegovina. But others...
   A girl dancing on the flowers...
Who is she?
Is she a goddess of Spring?
   Strange but strong picture this is!
4 people of different race, and walking hand in hand.
   Here are also cherry trees from Japan.
   I like this P letter, the head of the bird, small but strong- willed beak!
   Another Peace here!
   Pretty butterflies and pretty flowers.
Dove with olive branch is talking with the butterfly.
Pablo Picasso
   52 years ago, we studied in the same class.
Toshiko was not here in this picture. Toshiko's sister is the left person.
I am the third from the left.

 In August, 2009, the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Karatsu. Toshiko Itoh introduced me to Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador Didic.
The below is the picture I received as a present from them.
Please see this famous, historical bridge in their country.

                                     The Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge.

A bridge is a connecter of two different places, different worlds, different people.
I hope the paintings of Sarajevo children have built a bridge to reach the hearts of Japanese children.

Thank you very much for joining me.
I hope you will visit us again next month.

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