August, 2014

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Cypress Vine
When summer is over,
I take the seeds for next year.

My favorite summer flowers

How are you getting along in this heat?
To soothe my hot-irritated brain, I will think of flowers, which reminds me of cool weather of highland or water front.
You join with me?
Thank you!
Let's go.

Thanks to http://www.hana300.com/ for these amazing photos

Morning Glory
Many Japanese houses have Morning Glory in summer. We used to learn how to grow it in our primary school days. The first botanical study was this flower. We kept a diary of observation of morning glory. The timing was perfect in the summer vacation.
In my neighborhood, there was a house with
canna bushes. We played hide-and-seek there.
Snake Gourd
This flower opens after dark. It is a magic.
And in autumn, it has colorful fruits. We do not eat, but decorate them hanging on the wall.
Balloon Flower
White, blue, sometimes pink.
This is much favored in Japanese art
as a motif of painting or literature
as a symbol of early autumn.
This flower was introduced to Japan in Edo Period. Japanese people adored Dahlia as Western culture. Only rich people could afford it.
Confererate Rose
High on the tree, this flower blooms in the morning, and gradually changing its color to pink or red, and
ends its short life only in one day.
Red and white parts in one flower. In Japan, red and white colors mean Heike and Genji, like British Wars of the Roses.
Touch -me-not
If you touch this flower,
it flies the seeds far.
Girls mashed the red flowers and
colored their nails.
Cock's comb
My grandmother loved this flower most of all.
I did not think this was pretty, and pulled out them one summer. Sorry, Grandma.
Now I like this too.
In tea ceremony, this is much used.
Probably because the short life of this flower symbolizes the idea of Ichigo Ichie of tea ceremony.
   Evening Primrose
After the sunset in high summer days, this yellow flower secretly opens its petals.
My house was near the beach, and on the beach many of this flower were seen.
Now this flower reminds me of my childhood.
 Arrow Root
The vine of this plant is used to weave cloth, and its root is edible with much medical effects.
   Trumpet Creeper
Sometimes it creeps up 30 meters high!
 Persian Silk Tree
This flower sleeps after dark, closing its wings
like soft, gentle whiskers.
Light green leaves with white small flowers.
In full bloom, it smells bad.
But still this flower is loved
and used much for Bon Festival.
   Four O'clock
When this flower opens its petals, we children must go home for supper.
 Fringed Orchid
Japanese name "Sagi-sou" means Stork Flower.
   Crape Myrtle
Chinese, Korean, and Japanese names are all same character, meaning 100days Red.
 Water Lily
Amazingly beautiful if we find them
unexpectedly in a pond deep in the mountain.
            Auspicious plant in Asia because of its abundant seeds.   

There are more favorite flowers, small and big, Japanese original or introduced species, but I will leave them for a next chance.
Thank you for visiting this page, and I hope you have a good summer holidays with plentiful summer flowers.

Thank you very much for joining me.
I hope you will visit us again next month.

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