#16 July, 2001
Kim Eun Jeung's Days in Karatsu

This girl is Kim Eun Jeung, a student from Seoul, Korea.
This month, I let her use my web-page to commemorate her days in Karatsu.
Like a migratory gosling, she came to us suddenly in last autumn, and flew away this early summer.
We enjoyed hosting her. Her positive way of living, her high laughters, her earnest study of Japanese language and pottery.
We hope, someday she will be a great artist, and we will be proud that we had hosted her for 9months in 2000-2001.Please enjoy the dolls she made for us, and her small diary with her own drawings.

The right is my husband Den Okochi.
People say this doll is quite like him.
And I agree.  

The left doll is my image.
 People say this is just the same as I am.
 And I will never, never agree!
 I protest and insist that I am skinny and slender and thin.

Kim Eun Jeung's Days in Karatsu
by Kim Eun Jeung

   What made me come to Karatsu was a book about the pottery in Japan.
In tha book, I found Mr. Toya Inoue, who is a famous potter in Karatsu.
I just jumped on an airplane, and somehow found out the way to Karatsu.

I was almost crying when Mr. Inoue said, "No".
I said "I cannot go back to Korea. I would do anything, so please let me stay and learn pottery from you."
Mrs. Inoue persuaded him to accept me, and she found for me a place to stay.
This was how I came to Yoyokaku.

  Kyozan-Gama is the kiln of Mr. Inoue.
I had a wonderful time here, and learned many things.
Thank you, Katamine-san.
Thank you, Katsumata-san.
Thank you, Hideshima-san.
Thank you, Sakata-san.

Thank you, thank you, everybody in Kyozan-Gama.
I was very happy to have met you all!

  On the New Year Day, 2001, Oka-san(Host mother) of Yoyokaku made me dress in Japanese Kimono.
She taught me how to bow gracefully.

I went to Kyozan-Gama to say a New Year Greeting.
I was a Japanese princess on that day.

   Yamanaka-san cooks for us at Yoyokaku.
She is a very good cook.
Everything she made was really delicious.
How could I have stopped eating?
Everyday I ate too much.
I am a different Kim now.
I feel I cannot go back to my home.

Thank you, Yamanaka-san.
Thank you, Ken-chan.
Thank you, everybody in Yoyokaku.
Thank you, Oka-san, and thank you Oto-san!
I will come back to Japan next year
to study more in a university.
Until that day, 'An-nyong' to you all!

We will miss you, Eun Jeung.
Fly back to us someday,
as a big great mother goose!
We will be waiting.


Kim Eun Jeung
June, 2001

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