February, 2013

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Our Princess Konoha

The Stork brought us a Princess this time!
This girl is the third grandchild for us after two boys.
I want you to see our beautiful baby Konoha.
She was born on the 1st day of November, 2012.
She is quite healthy, thanks to God.

Mom prays at the Shrine for the safe childbirth.
The moment Konoha appeared.
Just after the birth.
She was a big baby over 4100grams.
The first nursing.
My husband and me with Konoha on the day of her birth.
Konoha likes her Daddy's broad shoulder.
Brother Akira, (4 years old) is quite interested in his new sister. He knew this baby came from Mom's round belly. Looking at his grandmother's fat belly, he asked. "Grandma, when is Your baby coming?"
I answered, "...........w...w....when the baby is ready."
I am glad he did not ask when the baby will be ready.
First bathing at home.
In December, family went to the Shrine to have a ceremony. Here, the baby was purified and her health and happiness was prayed by the priest.
A beautiful Kimono was prepared by Mom's parents, and of course the baby does not wear it now. We use this Kimono for covering.
Later, when she celebrates her 3 years we let her wear this.
At the shrine, the baby kept sleeping in my bosom.
Konoha's big brother Asahi, (7 years old) is a knight always guarding the Princess.
Konoha is three months now.
On February 4, we went to buy Ohinasama (Hina dolls) for Konoha. We ordered the set back of us.
We decorate the dolls on the Doll's Festival ,
March 3rd.
This is the custom when we have a new girl baby.
It measn that the family wishes the girl
every happiness and prosperity for her whole life.

Konoha is now 5 kg, and quite heavy for my old shoulders. It was a very happy day for me.

              Thank you for meeting our princess Konoha.

Konoha means 'tree leaf'.
I like the name, and hope our Konoha will be evergreen.

Hope to see you again next month.

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