October, 2012

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My dear Hyobin

I would like you to see our granddaughter Kim Hyobin in Chuncheon, Korea.
Last month, I visited her after 9 months since I saw her for the first time when she was 6 months old.
Now she can walk, talk, and communicate with everyone around her.


A Korean young man, named Kim Deayoung, came to Yoyokaku about 20 years ago. He home-stayed with us for almost 10 years. He worked at night and early morning. We sent him to Japanese Language School, University, and the graduate course. He was a good-natured boy, and we loved him as our son.

Deayoung married Shin Younghee, whom he met at the university.
Younghee was a student to study pottery at the same university.

After the western style wedding, they had a traditional Korean ceremony.
Deayoung's father had long gone, so my husband Akihiko Okochi sat in his place.
Father looks more nervous than the groom, doesn't he?
The left end lady is Deayoung's mother.

How many years should they wait until they were blessed with this beautiful baby, Hyobin.

Hyobin at three months.
She is quite healthy, and it is fortunate for her parents, not very young now.

Celebration of the baby's 100th day after birth.
It is a traditional celebration in Korea and also in Japan.

Happy family

The first Christmas for Hyobin.
She wears what her grandmother in Japan sent her.
I knew that pink becomes to our angel.

Hyobin started to be very independent when she became 7 months or so.
She has her own way, and if it is not permitted, she resists.

Hyobin at her first birthday, June 3, 2012.
The family had a party, which is also a Korean tradition.
Traditional dress, traditional food, and traditional gifts from relatives.

Can Hyobin remember so many aunts and uncles?
We could not attend the party at that time.

"Excuse my appearance."
Hyobin likes bathing.

"Excuse me again!"
Hyobin started walking, and also talking.
You know, she is bilingual!
Hyobin calls her dog in two languages.
"Mong mong" in Korean, and "Wang wang" in Japanese.
I am a proud grandmother.

She cannot wait for Friday evening, when Dad comes back from work.
Until Monday morning, she clings to Dad. Never leaves him for a moment.

Hyobin in Japanese summer kimono which her grandmother (me) brought her at this time's visit.
She looked just like a Japanese baby.
How did you like my Hyobin?
I have two grandsons in Karatsu. and another baby is coming in November. Hope this time we will have a princess.
I will let you know some time later.
See you again next month. Have a good day!

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