September, 2012

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Baseball sisters next door

 This month, I would like to introduce two girls of the Koga family next door.
They are Baseball Sisters. I hope you will like them. and I hope you will send them warm cheers.


Name  Maumi Koga
Age 15
How did you start playing baseball?
Friends were doing. So I wanted to .
How do you practice everyday?
2 or 3 hours a day I practice. And 200 swings everyday.
Do you belong to a team?
Yes, I belong to the softball club in my junior highschool.
How well are you doing?
We are the champion of all junior highschools in Karatsu, and one of the best 4 in Saga Prefecture.

Your position?
I am the catcher.
Your batting average?
About 3.0.
When you get into Highschool?
I will continue softball.
What is your future dream?
A softball player.
Introduce your family.
Dad and Mom help me a lot. Brother is lovable.
What else do you want to try?
Tennis, or badminton.
Name Hiyori Koga
Age 12
How did you start playing baseball?
Dad and sister play baseball. I wanted to do too.
What training do you have?
5 days a week, our team practice. Other two days I play with friends of my school. I swing 100 times a day.
Do you belong to a team?
Yes, I belong to the Sotomachi Victory.
How well are you doing?
Our team has won two victories among 4 tournaments. Also won twice at the prefecture level. This august, our team went to Tokyo as the representative of saga Prefecture.
Your position?
First, second or right.
Batting average?
2,7. I hit three homeruns.
When you get into Junior high?
I will join the softball club, and will win at the all Japan inter-highschool tournaments.
What is your future dream?
I wannabe a softball player, professional.
Introduce your family.
Dad loves baseball. Mom is a good cook. Brother is so active. He is a menace.
What else do you want to try?

 Their mother, Fumiko Koga, showed me some photos of the girls. Let's see how happy a family they are.

2001. Maumi liked to put on Dad's helmet.
Maumi played snow sleigh quite well when she went to see relatives in Hokkaido.
Maumi and Hiyori on SL in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
In 2008, brother Santaro was born
At the age of 11, Maumi joined the Sumo tournaments and became the champion of the girls' division.
Next year. Hiyori was the second place.
Hiyori loves horse riding too.
Maumi at 12.
Maumi also likes Japanese dancing. Now, her club activity is so busy and she cannot practice dancing, but someday, she said, she will start again. Maumi is the girl in yellow kimono.
The man with a baby in his arms is her father, Shuji Koga, and the green sweater lady next to him is Fumiko Koga. Hiyori is in blue jacket in front of Dad.
Hiyori is the coach who trains her 4 year-old brother Santaro.
People passing by think this couple is a big brother and his little sister, but No! Tender sister and her little brother.

If you pass by and see these girls swinging or doing catch-ball, please say, Hurrah Hurrah Maumi!, Hit and run, Hiyori!

Thank you for seeing my next door baseball girls.
It is so nice to watch somebody growing up. Hope, dream and happiness we see when we look at these pretty living things.

I hope I will see you next month.


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