June, 2012

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Mabumi Yamaguchi

Hi, friends.
This month I would like to show you some photos of the time when my younger brother Mabumi Yamaguchi was invited to do some workshop with children at his home town, Karatsu. Mabumi has been playing saxophone for almost 50 years since he was a junior high student. Karatsu City invited to do this workshop at his arma mater. It was a happy occasion for Mabumi and also his First fan, Harumi, his sister. I have been his enthusiastic fan since his first debut at the school festival.
So, please meet my brother.

Kunpei Nakabayashi is a promising young bass player.
Nobuyuki Komatsu beats his drums happily.
Mayuko Katakura is back from Juilliard. She is a prize winner of Jazz Disc Award in 2009.
The Quartet
Junior high drummer
Girls' percussion
Primary school children

Their instruments
Let's play!

The next day Mabumi and his members held a concert for citizens

Mabumi signs on his new CD.

Mabumi's highschool friends had a welcome-home-party for him.

Mabumi played for his friends. Mayuko joined.

There 's no place like hometown. Friends were so warm. Thank you.

Time flies fast. I still remember vividly the highschool festival when Mabumi played for the first time on a stage. It seems to be just yesterday. Big audience, say more than 1000! I was proud, and was a little surprised, since I did not know my little brother (16years old at that time) plays jazz so well. He went to Keio University in Tokyo, played jazz instead of studying, and after graduating, he became a professional jazz man.
He is playing mainly in Tokyo.

Thank you for meeting Mabumi.
See you again next month.

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