July, 2011

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The birthplace of King Munyeong
Hi, friends.
Summer sunshine is hot on our skin, and at these moments, I feel I have life in this nature.
We human always violate Nature, but Nature always bless us.

This month, I will show you some photos of a happy occasion.
We Japanese and Korean people, altogether 200 people, celebrated the birthday of King Munyeong of Baekje, some1500years ago Korea. The King was said to be born on this small island Kakara, on the northern sea of Karatsu.
Gold crown was discovered from the tomb of the King

I have written about his birth on my previous page, so please see it to know who the King is.

Now you know who is the King, so please join the birthday party.
This is the tenth year since we started this program with Gongju City people , Korea.
So, the Mayor himself came with more than 50 people.
All day long, there were warm smiles, happy laughters, and vigorous eating and drinking.

The boat Kakara-maru takes us to the island Kakara. It takes 15 minutes from the port of Yobuko, in the suburbs of Karatsu City.
Even before arriving at the island. we were happy meeting each other.
Arrived at the pier of the island.
The monument of King Munyeong stands on the hillside of this island.
We look down the place where we have the big party.
This is the squid race, on which you bet 500yen. My husband's squid was biggest, but it was lazy and did not swim, so we ate him as Sashimi.
Dancing began. Beautiful dancing princesses.
The professor of the Traditional Art Department of the University of Gongju, Korea, danced most elegantly.
Young dancers danced the drum dance.
Island children danced in return.
Japanese middle aged men danced Korean pop-song dance. It was quite funny, and many people joined.
Our feast. Fresh from the sea around this island.
The Mayor Lee of Gongju City came to this celebration.
Mrs. Son from Gongju. She comes every year. Speaks beautiful Japanese.
Mr. Uramaru, the chairman of the committee of this program. He is honored with a citizenship of Gongju.
Mr. Nakazato, the leader of the committee, and Ms Igawa, who helps a lot. She speaks Korean.
Mr. Choe, from Korean Embassy, Mr. Koga, translator, and my husband.
Until the last moment of goodbye, people were dancing together.

How did you enjoy the party?
We forgot the terrible things happening in Fukushima, and had a laughing holiday.
Little sun-tanned, I came home with a happy memory.
Now I think I have to learn how to dance. Next year, I will not reject the hand of asking to dance together.

I hope I can see you again next month.

Thank you very much for visiting this page.
I hope you will return next month.
Yours, Harumi Okochi

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