November, 2010

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The Soriggun (Chanter) Gwon Jae-eun
-Korean Traditional Music-

Hello, friends.
Last month (October, 2010), we held a concert of Korean traditional music.
Who are 'We'?
We are the students learning Korean language from the teacher Yun Mi-gyeong.
Miss Yun's friend Kim Yeon-jin, living in Korea, knows the chanter Gwon Jae-eun, and talked about her stay in Karatsu. Mr. Gwon had never performed outside of Korea, but this time he wanted to go out. So we planned, and did it! It was a wonderful experience. For three months we worked hard. The process of making it real was a rewarding work..
Will you look at the photos of the day? You will see how happy and proud we were.

Before the concert, we offered simple Korean food. Guests are enjoying their supper in Yoyokaku's garden. Almost 100 people ate outside. Clear autumn weather helped us.
Korean consul Mr. Choi and his wife came
to make a welcome speech.
My husband Den Okochi greeted the audience.
180 people attended.
Sound job was perfect by three professionals.
MC was our teacher, Miss Yun Mi-gyeong.
Her unique way of proceeding the show
entertained the guests so much.
The 1st Part
Mr. Gwon Jae-eun and Miss Son Je-sun chanted. The voices from the deepest of their body and soul enchanted us.
It was an amazing show.
The 2nd Part
Japanese Joruri was performed. I explained about the story, because now Joruri is not understood
by even Japanese if there is no explanation.
Naruko-dayuu is the Joruri artist, about whom I have written before.
She chants the story. Usually, dolls act in accordance with the chanting.
But this time, an actor acted as the heroine,
and the other parts were chanted by the chanter
changing the voice in many ways.
Shamisen and Koto were the instruments this time.
The actress Miss Ikuko Omotani
The 3rd Part
Chanting again.
Songs of human lives touched our heart
even without knowing Korean words.
Curtain call
We are the group who did this.
After the concert, we dined together.
It was quite a happy party.
Singing and dancing of two countries until very late.

The 1st album The 2nd album

 Another happy memory added to our life. Thank you Mr. Gwon, and our dear Naruko, and all the people who joined this project.

I hope I can see you next month.

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Yours, Harumi Okochi
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