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Den Okochi

Hello, friends.
It was extraordinarily hot this summer.
How have you been?
This month, my husband Den Okochi wrote about his recent trip to Spain.
He went by himself, as it was his way of travelling.
From his 4 weeks trip to Spain, he writes about his days in Andalucia this time.
I hope you will enjoy!

by Den Okochi

My trip this time was Spain. I enjoyed my first Spain every minute. This is the photo journal.
Before I go, I was a little worried because I do not speak Spanish. But it proved to be no problem at all. The only problem I had in Spain was my credit card. I cannot tell why but my card was not accepted in some restaurants or street shops though it was all right at other places. I had to limit my expense of cash, and I felt I was a young backpacker. It is also a happy memory now.

June21-22 Cordoba
This is my first place of the tour in Andalucia. I tried to walk all day not to miss the World Heritage Cordoba historical district.
Maimonides ( Jewish Philosopher)
The hotel I stayed is named after him.
I was moved to observe the evolution of Caliphal art in addition to other styles like the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles of Christian Cathedrals built inside after the Reconquest.
Roman Bridge on the Rio Guadalquivir, seen from the Calahorra Tower.
The Flores Alley at the Jewish Quarter.
To find this place, it took me some hours.
Statue of Averraes, Arab Philosopher and physician with the Wall of Cairuan Street in the background.
The Garden of Alcazar de los Reyes Christinos

June22-25 La Alhambra
One of the main purposes of this trip was to see La Alhambra and El Generalife.
I stayed at the Hotel America inside the La Alhambra. I was quite satisfied spending the whole two days there from the sunrise to the sunset.
Hotel America
Alhambra seen from the Mirador de San Nicholas
Patio de Arrayanes Palacios Reaf
Palacio de Los Leones (The fountains of Lions are covered)
Patio de la Acequia in Generalife
(The summer palace)
Puerta de las Armas
Foundations of soldiers' barracks and the bath remain here.
Torre de la Vela Alcazaba
The inside of Palacio de Carlos Ⅴ.
The first floor is used as a museum .
Alhambra bus goes through a narrow street to Albayzin and Sacromonte districts.
Street along the River Darro.
People are waiting at the restaurant at Mirador de San Nicholas for the lighting of the palace.
Alhambra's lighting and the moon over Sierra Nevada with snow on the top.
Lights are on at 10:00pm

June25 Gibraltar and La Linea de la Conception
From Malaga I took a bus to La Linea. It took some time to find the hotel. Checking in, I walked cross the border to Great Britain. People speak English. We can use Euro also.

The gate to Gibraltar
The downtown (Case-mate Squire)
Estrecho de Gibraltar seen from the top of the
a small fisherman's village (Cataran Bay)
The sunset seen from the hotel at La Linea.

June 26 Algeciras and Cadiz
At Algeciras I missed the tour to Tanger. I headed toward Cadiz on which I had not researched beforehand. I tried to find out an accommodation to stay in vain, because it was Saturday. So I just rode a sight-seeing bus and took Renfe to Jerez de la Frontera.

Port of Algeciras
Puerta de Tierra Wallas (The Gate into the center of Cadiz)
Avenida Campo del Sur
Scenery from the sight-seeing bus

June26,27,28 Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez Streets are full of advertisement of Tio-Pepe
Gonzalez Byass(Tio-Pepe)
On Sundays , this is the only Bodegas that we can see. We ride a train to see inside.
On Monday I went to Bordegas Tradicion, which I had long wanted to visit.
The collection of paintings at Bordegas Tradicion
Tasting place
Bordegas Tradicion sells over 20 years sherry only.
Amontillado 30 years (dry and salty)
Oforoso 30 years (softer)
Palo Cortado 30 years (softer and elegant)
Petro Ximenig 20 years (dessert drinks)

June 28, 29, 30 Sevilla
Seville is the 4th largest city in Spain. Thanks to the rio Guadalquivir, which runs from north to south through the city, it has flourished since old time as an important base of sea trade. I stayed at Hotel Murillo in Santa Cruz.The hotel is named after an artist born in this city.There are many restaurants near by, and it is a good place for going sight-seeing.

Guadalquivir River
The Santa Iglesia Cathedral is the most extensive gothic cathedral in the world.
From the top of its Giralder bell tower, we can see all over the city.
Plaza deToros
the photo of Carmen in Univercidad( Fabrica de Tobaccos)
Plaza de Espana was under construction of the moat. I was amazed at the huge size of the semicircle building .
I saw Flamenco.
I could not take pictures inside.
Entrance to the Real Alecazar
Real Alcazar reminds me of La Alhambra.
Peacock in the garden Real Alcazar
Garden Real Alcazar
Concert is held since June 30 until September 12, 10:pm every night.
I was lucky to go there on the first day.
Night garden opens at 9:00pm for the guests to the concert.
I enjoyed the last night in Andalucia, in a very best atomosphere of the palace and the music.

July 1
I flew to Barcelona with so many beautiful memories of Andalucia

Did you enjoy the photos?
My husband, 77 years old, travels much by himself.
I hope he can continue until he gets 100!
I don't step out of my house.
So, please YOU come to see me.
Thank you.

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