July, 2010

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Yeonjin's bojagi

Kim Yeonjin
Folding and Wrapping Beauty Bojagi

Summer sunlight is coming into my room, but it is not too strong. It comes through a silk screen, patch-worked, decent colored, sewed stitch by stitch by a gentle Korean hand. Once in a while, a slight breeze sways the screen telling that the Nature's hand is moving the air to prove Her existence.
This screen was made by Kim Yeonjin, a young Korean designer.

Our Korean language teacher, Ms Yoon Migyong asked us to help her friend Yeonjin to hold her bojagi (pojagi) show in Karatsu. So we discussed. Where should we do this? When? How?
Everything was a challenge for us, but we enjoyed doing this.
We did her show in June, and so many Japanese ladies visited us. They were pleased to meet Yeonjin, who speaks Japanese fluently because she studied in Japan.

Please you too enjoy meeting her.

Kim Yeonjin, the designer
Wine bottle wears bojagi dress
New mirror wears old Korean silk bojagi
This mirror is named 'The window between the past and the present'.
Silk and hemp screens
The poster
Dress and a pin cushon, used like a 'Norige'
Tea pot mat
Small items which wrap important things
handphone pouche

Flowers for Kim Yeonjin
Ms No Chinju visited Yeonjin from Ureshino City. They studied in the same Art college in Tokyo.
Women always like beautiful things.
Many visitors.
The sign on Yoon's back says,"Order-made is available".
Thanks to this sign, Yeonjin received some orders.
The City Home Gallery is a cozy corner.
People there were kind and helpful
to the artist from a foreign country.
Thank you!

Who helped.
Yoon Rikihisa Wada
Ishii Matsumoto Iida

How did you like Yeonjin's show?
I helped making a power-point data to explain about bojagi and the designer.
I am glad that I could use my little knowledge of the computer.
Anyway, we all who were involved in are quite satisfied with this great success.
We were good managers!

Thank you everyone, see you next month.

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