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9 Days in Bangkok

Spring is here. We had the coldest winter in these twenty years.
This month, my husband Akihiko Okochi wrote a photo journal of his 9 days' trip to Bangkok.
Please enjoy.

This was my third Thailand trip, after the second one of ten years ago.
To get away from the cold Japan, and to visit that fascinating city of Bangkok, I flew.

Sunday, February 7
The hotel of the first day is in the center of the China town.
The Grand China Princess Hotel

Yawarat Road is full of new year decoration.
On the pavement many small shops to eat are open.

At a famous Chinese restaurant, I had shark fin and abalone soup.

Monday, February 8
The sun rises around 7 o'clock.
Early rises go out to the street and work.

Wat Phrakaeo opens at 8:30
I was the first to get in there. Took many photos before people appear.

Children came to see the temple. They learn Buddhism and the respect to the Royal family at an early stage of their education.

The Palace and the guards

Wimanmek Mansion Palace

Tuesday, February 9
Wat Saket is famous for its golden Pagoda on the hill.
Up these stairs to the Pagoda.

I talked with a young priest almost for an hour.
He explained many things to me.
A piece of the sacred bone of the Buddha was given from this temple to Nittaiji Temple in Nagoya, Japan.

Wat Ratchanada is on the other side of the canal.

Wat Pho
The statue of Nirvana
On the sole of the feet of lying Buddha,
Brahmanism outlook of the universe is carved.

On the passage to the statue, we donate in each pot in the line.

The second stay is at River View Guest House.

The approach to the guest house.
Small pass where many small factories of mechanical things.
Rode on a 'tuktuk'.

The view from the top of the guest house was wonderful.

National Museum
I heard explanation by Japanese guide for two hours as for Thai Buddhism Art.
We cannot take photos inside the Museum.

Wat Mahathat

Hua Lamphong Station was 6 minutes' walk from where I stayed.
This is the central station of Bangkok.

Wat Trimit

This golden Buddha was found accidentally under the cover of plaster.

Thursday, February 11
Stay at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Hotel barge picked me up at River City, and I checked in the hotel from the sea.
The tall building beyond is The Peninsula Hotel.

The lobby of the hotel
To enjoy the every minute at this world renowned hotel, I did not go out and stayedwhole day inside the hotel.

The Riverside Terrace is attractive too.

The garden of the Author's Wing

Author's Lounge
Afternoon tea is served here.

James Michener room
In Author's Residense, many rooms have a plate telling the renowned guest.

Landscape Garden and pool areas with cabanas

Friday, February 12
Stay at Siam Heritage

I liked the good taste of the Thai owner of this hotel.

Lumphinee Park alongside the Rama 4th Street

The food court of Suam Lum Night Bargear next to the park

Phatphong Road
In daytime, this is just a broad street, but at night, many shops appear.

Saturday, February 13
Jim Thompson's House

Inside of Jim Thompson's House

The town between Siam Station and Phrong Phong Station.

This day was the New Year's Eve by Lunar calendar. I saw many Chinese style decorations.
Shopping center, Siam Paragon

Thaniya Rd at New Year's Eve
I sat at the roadside, and met the New year here.

Sunday, February 14
Stay at Sofitel Silom Bangkok
One day rest here.
The view from my window.

The corridor to the restaurant of the hotel
The both sides are wines.

Monday, February 15
Ms. Nawaporn, the president of O
2Asia Travel Designs Co. Ltd. guided me to Nakhon Pathom in the suburbs of Bangkok. 

Patchasuda College, Mahidol University
Do I look like a scholar?

Wat Raikheng

Coconut and rice powder sweet wrapped in bamboo sheaths

Dined at a boat restaurant on the river near the Rose Garden

Tomyamkung was hot and spicy.

The salad of banana blossoms was good too.

Water plants on the river were so thick and full in life.

Ms Nawaporn and her husband kindly sent me to the airport.
The 9 days was too short.
I and my bag filled with Thai silk souvenirs left this fascinating city. I wish I could visit again someday.
Thank you, Bangkok!

How did you like the journal?
I wish you too will have a fascinating journey.

See you next month!

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