March, 2009

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miniature dinner set
(tray is less than 10cm)

Doll Festival

This month, I would like to invite you to a Doll Festival in Karatsu.
As you know, March 3 is the Doll Festival Day, that is Girls' Day in Japan.
Even old girls like me are very happy with favorite dolls.
In a place in Karatsu City, many dolls gathered and showed themselves merrily and boastfully.
Among them, my old dolls, as old as myself, are decorated in the center of the hall.
Please enjoy meeting the little princesses.

This set of Ohinasama was bought 64 years ago in 1944 when I was born. At that time my family was living in Pusan, Korea. In 1945, Father went to the war, and the war ended in August. Japan lost. Mother and children came back to Japan, leaving everything there. This Ohinasama set was our treasure, and Father had sent this to his hometown Karatsu where his cousin lived. Father survived and came back to Karatsu later. We have cherished these dolls, because we think they were our guardians.
My Obi, (belt for Kimono) was designed in the theme of The Tales of Genji.
Flower was arranged to celebrate this occasion.
Kitty dolls are in fashion.
From the ceiling, decorations were hung.
Center: Pottery set of Emperor and Empress
Glass dolls are unique.
Some dolls have a beautiful palace to live in.
Emperor and Empress. musicians, ministers, servants.
Very old set. 200years old.
Earthenware dolls.
Okiage dolls. They are flat. This method of making dolls is used to make Hagoita, a wooden racket for girl's game like badminton.
Modern Ohinasama set.
Girls like dolls and kittens. So here are Kitten dolls.
Well, did you like the dolls? Maybe Japanese dolls are quite different from Western dolls.
I like French bisque dolls, too. It is almost 50 years since I got my last doll as a gift. Why is that?
Girls are girls forever!
Please don't forget!

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