October, 2008

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Hawaiian Quilt

Hawaii 2008.9

Dear friends,
I would like to show you some photos I took in Hawaii last month.
Our friend Terry Welch has collected Japanese art for 38 years. His Bunjinga (literati art) collection has now joined The Honolulu Academy of Art. To the opening reception, we were invited.
It was a wonderful opportunity. My husband's fifth travel to Hawaii, and my second, after almost 30 years.
For 6 days, we were only in Honolulu. Next time, I hope I can go to the other islands. Next time, I hope I can swim, surf, or Hula! Yes, maybe in my next life.
So please enjoy my 6 days' paradise.

First evening.
Aloha Tower.
Around here and in Downtown, there was an event called First Friday Night.
We enjoyed music and galleries. Shops treat drinks and snacks. People looked happy on this street. We enjoyed too.
Next morning we went to a community college Saturday morning market.
It was quite a fun. I tried ginger ale which tasted like ginger itself.
Diamond Head is unclimbable for an old couple. So we went through the tunnel to see the inside of the crater.
My ex-student Atsushi Yamada
and his wife Susan live in Honolulu.
They picked us up at the airport and took so good care of us during our stay.
This photo was taken at the Dole Pineapple Plantation.
Atsushi and Susan took us to the north part of the Island to have our lunch at a famous Kahuku shrimp place.
It was also a fun. Shrimp was fresh and tasted good.
They showed us how a huge American supermarket looks like.
Alamoana shopping center was another fun for me. I watched Hula for some time. How beautiful they were!
The red skirt dancers were from Japan. They take lessons in Japan, and their teacher brought them to meet a famous Hula dancer (the lady in blue) and they danced on this stage.People in Hawaii are very generous, giving them warm welcome and many claps, even though they were just beginners.
We visited the Bishop Museum.
I liked the story of the Lady Bishop, (Hawaiian), who rejected the proposal of the Hawaiian King and married a westerner. The lady was the last descendent of the King Kamehameha.
When the lady died, Mr. Bishop made this museum in memory of his beloved wife.
Kaimana Beach is under my eyes from the hotel window.
Our room was on the corner, from which we saw Kaimana Beach and Waikiki Beach.
'Locomoco' I tried. It was huge. I could eat only half of it.
The tea ceremony garden of the East West Center of the University of Hawaii.
Sunset seen from my window.
Terry Welch and Miss Kay Yamada of the famous Three Sisters Inn in Kyoto, and me.
I am the gray hair one.
Terry invited 50 guests to the Halekulani Hotel on the night before his exhibition's opening.
The Hawaiian dancer I saw here was most beautiful, and her Hula was quite elegant.
Rainbows. Do you see two rainbows?
From my hotel room.
From my window, I could see outriggers.
I wished I could ride it.
Terry's collection was quite amazing.
If you have a chance, please visit the Honolulu Academy of Art.

Thank you so much for your company.
I will see you next month again.

Thank you very much for visiting this page.
I hope you will return next month.
Yours, Harumi Okochi

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