August, 2008

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Beer Garden

Summer in Karatsu is quite unbearable this year. Heat, moisture, typhoons, oil cost, fishermen do not go to the sea because of the oil cost, and we have less guests maybe because of the oil cost・・・・・.

Stop grumbling, Harumi!
Let's have a fun!

So we had a fun one night in summer.
Beer and Ukulele in Yoyokaku's garden.

Why don't you join us?

A single man following girls?
Our son Masayasu and his sons, Asahi and Akira.
This was Akira's debut to the society !
Rice balls on sale
Today's Ukulele snack Harumi planned.
Yum-yum !
On the sausage which forms the neck of Ukulele, I lined 3 strings with mustard.
I did not know there should be 4.
Photographer forgot to take pictures
since beer was more attractive.
Ladies enjoyed beer and talk.
Ukulele singer, Hideaki Konno
He looks like a Japanese man 50 years ago.
Toshiro Okubo sings first.
Ukulele singer, Hideaki Konno
Hideaki and audience
Thanks to Satoshi Ikeda who planned this Ukulele-Beer Party
Also thanks to the audience who gathered in traditional Japanese summer wear Yukata.

Get me a glass of beer, Son!
I feel thirsty!
Oh, you too?

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