July, 2008

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Our second grandson

Hello, friends.
Are you a grandmother/grandfather?
I am.
Our second grandson Akira was born on April 7, 2008.
This is a photo journal of Akira's growth.
Please send him your best wishes.

Akira surprised his parents by starting to cry just when only his head emerged into this world.
Big boy with thick black hair.
Mom and baby just after delivery.
Dad holds baby.
Big brother Asahi is happy with his little brother.
Asahi is wondering. 'From where did the baby come?'
Mom's mother and baby.
Can you see something with your big black eyes, Akira?  
A big yawn.
Mom's parents help bathing the baby.
Happy family under the Boys'Day carp.
On the 30th day from the birth, the baby goes to the shrine to receive God's blessing.
Harumi, Grandma, is holding the baby.
The baby wears a special Kimono, which his grandfather wore 66 years ago.
In the Shrine.
In front of the Shrine.
Dad grabs Asahi, because he tries to escape from this ritual.
Happy 30th day!
Thank you for meeting my boys.
I hope they grow up strong and gentle.

Take care of yourself in the coming heat of summer.
See you next month again.

Thank you very much for visiting this page.
I hope you will return next month.
Yours, Harumi Okochi

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