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Information about Pottery of Nakazato Family

Takashi and Taki Nakazato's Kiln ( Ryuta-gama)
4333 Mirukashi, Karatsu-shi, Saga-ken, Kyushu, Japan

Takashi Nakazato
1937@born in Karatsu as the fifth son of the late Muan Nakazato, National Treasure
1961@Awarded the First Prize of Asahi Newspaper the 10th Modern Japanese Pottery Exhibition
1967@Traveled to the USA, Europe, South-East Asia, Middle-East, Korea for one year.
1971@Invited to Tanegashima Island to research and start pottery there.
@@@@Started the new Tanegashima-yaki.
1974@Returned to Karatsu.
@@@@Started Ryuta-gama in Karatsu, and makes mainly non-glazed pottery called Karatsu-Nanban.
1985@Awarded the Modern Pottery Prize by the Japan Pottery Association
@@@@Invited to many kilns in Japan for collaboration with potters.
@@@@Recently he is world renowned with his activity in Denmark, USA, Jamaica, etc.
@@ @ He is well-known as a generous supporter for the baroque music.
‚s‚‚‹‚‚“‚ˆ‚‰fs ‚“ign

Taki Nakazato
1965@Born in Karatsu as the son to Takashi Nakazato
1988@Started to study under his father Takashi
1993@First exhibition at Kakiden Gallery in Tokyo
1994@'Father and Son Exhibition at Man'yo-do Gallery in Tokyo
1995@Exhibition at Isetan Department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo
@@@@Shows at various places in Japan

                                              Taki's sign

Ryuta-gama Gallery
Inside Yoyokaku, Karatsu, Japan

Hanako Nakazato@mmonohanako]


Hanako is a daughter of Takashi Nakazato.
Born in 1972
Went to USA when she was 16 years old.
Graduated from Smith College ( majored Art)
Learned from her father, and then from an American potter Mr. Malcolm Wright
Practiced at Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, and Anderson Ranch Art Center, Colorado.
Exhibitions at many places in Japan and in USA
Came back to Japan and opened her kiln in March, 2007
Hanako's sign

A story of Hanako Nakazato by Prairie Stuart-Wolff