The Menu of Kaiseki
This is a sample of the menu of Kaiseki in early spring.

The materials are as below.

Appetizer: Rape flower,Yuzu
Appetizer: Salmon, Chum salmon roe with fermented rice
Soup: Clam, Seaweed, Warabi (plant)
Sashimi :Flounder, Great amberjack,
Sea Urchin, Shrimp, Squid ,Japanese gizzard shad
Grilled: Sea bream, Scallop, with Broad bean,Lily root
Cooked in soy-sauce: Rockfish with lotus root, bamboo-shoot, burdock, garden bean
Deep fried: Squid soft roe with sweet pepper
Vinegared: Bloody clam with cucumber, sea-weed, mioga
Miso-soup: Black sea-bream with green onion
Rice: Sea-bream Chazuke
Pickles: assorted
Fruit: Strawberry with Yogurt